How to Repair the Global Brute Force Attack on WordPress Self Hosted Sites?

This global brute force attack on self hosted WordPress sites has been going on for past few days. I am going to address different cases and attempted solutions here. Please bookmark this Q&A and check back for new case studies.


One site came to my notice today, where the users could not login because the login or admin page got redirected to a page that output “not acceptable“. I checked the .htaccess file and it seemed to have non-standard statements, which neither the developer nor the site-admin remember putting in. So, we removed the extra statements and retained only the default WordPress generated htaccess statements and the site was back to normal.

…to be cont’d…

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My facebook recommendations just vanished. It was there earlier. How to get it back?

Ah there! Did you by any chance turn off the “Show Map” option in your page info?

According to facebook garden logic you should recommend others around you (your location!) – so your page should show the map (of your location), then only your recommendations will show.

Go to Edit Page > Update Info > Check “Show Map” option below your physical address – obviously, a physical address is required too!

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How to Remove HTML Allowed Tags Text in WordPress Comment Form?

Find where the comment_form() function is called. Usually it will be in the comments.php file of your WordPress theme.

It might be displayed like:

<?php comment_form(); ?>

Pass an argument to the function as below:

<?php comment_form(array('comment_notes_after' => '')); ?>

The array can have other arguments as well to mod the comment form to your liking. Refer to WordPress comment form codex for all possibilities.

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I need software for an air printer for my iPad for an hp 3050 laser jet all in one printer. Can you help me with the link?

This official HP page:

and this Apple support page:

should guide you.

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Which came first? The egg or the chicken?

Testing my Guru factor, eh! Every guru worth the salt & pepper outgrowth on the chin, is asked this.

Well, I do have an opinion on this – it’s the egg!


Presumption being that “egg” represents the seed and the “chicken” represents a living being. Religious theories say something like “God created man” etc., but scientific reasoning can’t/doesn’t accept that.

There is no discernible understanding yet, of the vast extents of the universe that we know, and how it has come about. In the god-like experiments that man has done in creating (cloning) a living being, the base is a cell or what you can think of as the “seed” from which grows the full organism. So, the “egg” or the “seed” is the precursor. Q.E.D.

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