Can we edit MS Office documents directly in Hotmail (like Google Apps)?

Update 2013 January 31: We can now create folder, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, Powerpoint presentation and Onenote notebook directly in SkyDrive in the free offering of 7GB space.

Old answer dated 2010 June 22: Not yet! The Hotmail folks communicated in an email notice few weeks back that we can work live on our MS Office documents by keeping them in the SkyDrive. But, at this moment we can only Create FoldersAdd Files (Documents) and Modify Properties to Share the added files.

Does Multisite facility in WordPress 3.0 consume less resources on the web server?

Not really. WordPress Multisite (WP-MU in older versions) only facilitates one-stop management. That is, you don’t have to logout and login into multiple sites to manage them – you can manage them all from one dashboard.