What’s all this SEO about?

So, how do all the veterans SEO their websites? Here’s an SEO check-list that everyone is optimizing their web content for. 😛

1. Decide your primary and secondary key word/term/phrase – whatever you want to call your target string of letters – I will call it the key string 

2. Create a nice catchy title for your article including the primary key string and motivate the reader to go on to read the whole article.

3. Write an article of at least 400 words, with at least 4 paragraphs and include the key string in each paragraph. Ensure to include the key string in the first and the last sentences without fail or you may miss the SEO grail 😉

4. The article title which includes the key string, be stylized with H1 tag.

5. Have a subtitle after the first paragraph, again including the key string and stylize it with H2 tag.

6. have another subtitle somewhere down, again including the key string and stylize it with H3 tag.

7. Within the article body – stylize one occurrence of the key string with STRONG tag, another occurrence with EM tag and a third occurence must be underlined. Use CSS like:

[sourcecode language=”html”]<span style="text-decoration: underline;">underlined key string</span>[/sourcecode]

8. Include one image with a meaningful title and an ALT tag that includes the key string.

9. Link cite an authority site for ex. Wikipedia’s take on SEO.

10. Link to an external page, e.g., see the opening paragraph of this article.

11. Ensure that the page/post URL (permalink) has the key string in it.

So there you are, SEO’s easy, isn’t it!

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