Which came first? The egg or the chicken?

Testing my Guru factor, eh! Every guru worth the salt & pepper outgrowth on the chin, is asked this.

Well, I do have an opinion on this – it’s the egg!


Presumption being that “egg” represents the seed and the “chicken” represents a living being. Religious theories say something like “God created man” etc., but scientific reasoning can’t/doesn’t accept that.

There is no discernible understanding yet, of the vast extents of the universe that we know, and how it has come about. In the god-like experiments that man has done in creating (cloning) a living being, the base is a cell or what you can think of as the “seed” from which grows the full organism. So, the “egg” or the “seed” is the precursor. Q.E.D.

Content, Quality, Activity, Speed, Links

Word going around the SEO Grapevine is that the numero uno search engine (if you don’t know who’s that, you are not supposed to read this 😉 ) who, it was believed by all and sundry, gave value only to Links, is now factoring in the below as well:

  • Download Speed – how soon is your page dished out
  • Site Activity – meaning how long visitors linger on the page and probably also how often you update it (am updating this post after every carriage return  )
  • Content, Quality – PLR down down! CopyScape, do you have an affiliate system? Readers, do you want original, quality articles? Come to me… I always believed content is king! 🙂

Hey! Don’t just go away. Please linger on a bit… The post was very short? I don’t go blah blah; only to the point – capsules. Oh, come on! I want you to increase my site activity. Move the mouse around; point to something; anything – I do put in tool tips occasionally 🙂

There! I got a surprise for you below the fold.




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