Which came first? The egg or the chicken?

Testing my Guru factor, eh! Every guru worth the salt & pepper outgrowth on the chin, is asked this.

Well, I do have an opinion on this – it’s the egg!


Presumption being that “egg” represents the seed and the “chicken” represents a living being. Religious theories say something like “God created man” etc., but scientific reasoning can’t/doesn’t accept that.

There is no discernible understanding yet, of the vast extents of the universe that we know, and how it has come about. In the god-like experiments that man has done in creating (cloning) a living being, the base is a cell or what you can think of as the “seed” from which grows the full organism. So, the “egg” or the “seed” is the precursor. Q.E.D.

Author: Sri

Information Technology Services Systems Resources Integrator